Monday, July 18, 2016

EvaDress SP-9774: 1939 Evening Gown with Fun Straps

I have to say, I totally love the design of this dress.  This is one of the only dresses with a V neckline I've made that doesn't gape horribly, and oh my gosh, the straps are fantastic.
Of course, it looks equally awesome when it is sewn up.
I used a Japanese cotton that I bought from Nomura Taylor on my trip to Kyoto, and I think it fits the style of the dress perfectly.
I made a few alterations to the dress.  I adjusted the skirt to fit my relatively large hips, and I added some thin cotton batting to the bust so that I would not need to wear a bra.  In lieu of a hook and eye and snaps for the back closure, I used a zipper.
One thing about this dress, though.  I made it about two years ago.  At that time, it fit me snugly but perfectly.  About a year ago, however, I took up rock climbing.  Fanatically.  I would go rock climbing five times a week and stuff my face constantly and yet my weight did not change.  My pants fit a little looser, though.  It was a mystery.
Then I tried on this dress again.  I could barely zip it up over the rib cage.  Oh.  I think I know what happened there-- suddenly I had all this muscle around my shoulders and ribcage where previously I did not!   Anyway, at least it still fits, because it is a smashing dress and I like it quite a lot.