Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pattern review: Decades of Style 1948 Siren Sundress, another sad disappointment

Continuing the trend of patterns I tried but didn't work out for me, we have the Decades of Style 1948 Siren Sundress.
I don't think this is a bad pattern-- it's just not the pattern for me.  I have two major complaints. 

First, the neckline is higher than what I'd prefer.  This isn't the pattern's fault; it's just what the pattern had to offer not lining up with my preferences. 

Second, the fit through the bodice was a mess.  It was way too huge for me, and gaped horribly at the neckline.  I probably could have wrangled a good fit if I'd had the patience and interest, but I didn't.  In general, I think the dress was designed for someone much bustier than me, and with a V-neck wrap dress, the fit through the bust is crucial.  If you're relatively flat-chested, there may be better patterns out there for you.

Back to the box of patterns...sigh...


  1. Have you tried Colette patterns? They have a nice vintage feel, and often come with better instructions and tutorials than the big 3 do. There is a sundress with a back wrap (like you just showed) as well as a dress with a cute collar similar to the blog just prior.
    : )
    Best wishes for happy sewing.

  2. I'm familiar with them, certainly, and they do have cute things. For me, however, I'm not sure they're a good choice because (at least according to my understanding) they're drafted for a C cup, most commercial patterns are drafted for a B cup, and I'm an A cup. It would be a great idea for someone else and their designs are awesome, so thanks for bringing this up!

  3. I made this for my wife who is also an A (as in Awesome!) and I thought it was OK but she did not. She gave it to a friend who is probably a C and it fit better, but be advised that if you are of the "bra always and it better not show" camp, this will be a challenge to wear.