Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Self-drafted pattern: rhino-print gathered skirt

Here's another one of my projects from long ago, a gathered skirt made from Echino rhino-print fabric.
The fabric is a lightweight to mid-weight cotton/linen blend.  It has a soft and slightly fuzzy texture, like flannel.  It's a great skirt for cool fall days.
Plus, who doesn't love the cute rhinos?
There's not much to say in terms of the construction and sewing-- I used my standard method of making a gathered skirt. 
First, I cut two rectangles of fabric each as wide as the width of the fabric and each as long as I wanted the skirt to be.  I cut a rectangle for a waistband the circumference of my waist, plus a little extra.  Then, I gathered each of the rectangles of fabric and stitched the gathering to grosgrain ribbon, to stabilize it. 
I sewed up the side seams, inserting a zipper at one of them.  Then, I sewed the waistband to the skirt and hemmed the skirt. 
I should make a tutorial with photos at some point. 

Anyway, it's a quick and easy project for a very versatile skirt, and I highly recommend it!
OK, one more photo of me swanning around in my rhino skirt and fedora!

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