Monday, July 6, 2015

Pattern Review: Vogue 2239, reissued 1950's pattern

In an earlier post, I wrote a tutorial on my method of inserting a hand-picked side zipper.  I wanted to share the result!
The dress in question is Vogue 2239, an out-of-print reissued 1950's pattern.  I wanted a dress with a full full-length, dramatic, swishy skirt, and this pattern delivered. 
In fact, ever since I saw the pattern, I wanted to have a dress like Miss Pattern Envelope B's, with the large floral print.  So, I bought some Valori Wells cotton voile in an awesome giant blue-and-white chrysanthemum print.  I thought about making a solid-colored bodice, but I couldn't find the right shade of blue, and it just didn't feel right with this print. 
As it happened, I only used the skirt from the pattern, not the bodice.  For some reason I bought the pattern in a size 10, when I'm a size 6.  So, I substituted the bodice from another dress pattern, one of my tried and true patterns.  I decided to make the shoulder straps tie at the shoulders, because I thought that would be cute.
The skirt is fantastic.  It's a half circle in the back and a quarter circle in the front.  It gives the skirt an elegant shape, but keeps the fullness in the front from getting completely out of hand.  I hemmed the skirt and the skirt lining using 2" wide horsehair braid. 
Anyway, if you want a dress with a full, swishy skirt, I highly recommend this pattern.  It's a lot of fun to wear.


  1. stunning! great choice of print also (how much fabric did you use?)

    1. Thanks! I used about four yards of 54" wide fabric.

  2. I didn't add your blog to my reader. I feel like an ahole. Now.... this dress is BREATHTAKING. I you weren't as big as my thigh I would steal it from you.