Thursday, April 9, 2015

Vintage Pattern Shopping at the Austin Antique Mall

Today I thought I'd talk about one of my favorite places to shop for vintage patterns, the Austin Antique Mall.
(Disclaimer:  I'm not getting any compensation for endorsing them, or any compensation for anything else I post on this blog, for that matter.  I'm just happy with what I find there.)
I have a favorite booth, which is the one shown below.  It seems to specialize in vintage clothing, sewing patterns, sewing machines, and sewing notions.
There's always a huge stash of vintage patterns.
Here are some of the ones that I thought were particularly awesome.
Here are some of the notions.
A couple of their vintage dresses were particularly cool.  This one is from the 1930's, and has a corded skirt.
This one is from the 1950s.  I really like the seaming in the bodice.
Of course, there are vintage patterns scattered all over the antique mall.  This stall focused on knitting, but still had some sewing patterns.
It also had some great 1950's knitting magazines.
One stall just sells vintage irons.
Plus, there are some really interesting clothes to be found.  Hot pink poofy petticoats!  YEA!
A chenille skirt?  Not sure who thought that was a good idea...
An awesome cowboy dress!
This is also one of my favorite places to buy cowboy boots, but that's a story for another day.
This was my haul!  A 1950's shirtdress, two 1960's patterns, and then a couple of more recent patterns which have neat designs but really unfortunate fabric choices on the pattern envelopes.  The prices are entirely reasonable-- I don't think I paid more than $7 for any of them. 
Should make for fun sewing!


  1. I have never been here!!! I will have to make a trip now, for sure!

    1. Great! My theory is that if more people start buying vintage patterns, more people will sell them instead of throwing them away (eek!) I also highly recommend the Round Top Antique Festival, if you can make it. I'll do a post on it at some point, but I haven't been able to get the photos for it yet.

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