Saturday, March 14, 2015

The FTL Skirt and PAX East 2015

Last Saturday, my fiance and I attended the gaming convention PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) East.
It was a lot of fun.  We spent a lot of time trying out games in the indie video games section, but we also checked out the board games and the old arcade games, and even attended a Super Metroid speed run.

Of course, I had to make something fun to wear. So, I made a skirt based on one of my favorite games, FTL:  Faster Than Light.  It's a roguelike spaceship simulator, or, really, a Captain Picard simulator.  You're the captain of a spaceship on an important mission to save the Federation from the Rebels, and so you travel to new star systems, interact with the people there, run diplomatic missions, and get in fights with other spaceships.  These fights work pretty much the same way that they do in Star Trek, where you take a hit to your shields so you reroute power to the engines, but the engine room caught on fire so you have to vent the oxygen from the room to put out the fire...
Nooooo!!!  Not an asteroid field!

Anyway, I had fabric printed using Spoonflower-- I arranged some of the playable ships in a floral-print sort of pattern.  I made a circle skirt, used a row of ships to make the waistband, stiffened the hem with horsehair braid, and lined it with white silk habotai. 
The skirt was a big hit, and I got a lot of complements.  I really like how the print turned out.  The assembly didn't go right the first time-- I cut the waist hole too big-- but I was able to fix this by taking up the extra fullness with a box pleat at the back.  I used Spoonflower's basic combed cotton, which was terrible.  I absolutely would not use this fabric again.  It doesn't drape well and it creases horribly.  Even the most minor amount of handling will result in creases.  Seriously, what a pain.  I also don't like the way the skirt drapes as a result of the horsehair braid. 

Still, it was a lot of fun, and I'd highly recommend PAX and FTL if you're interested in gaming! 

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