Thursday, March 26, 2015

1930's Sweetheart Overalls! And COWS!!!

From the first moment I saw the 1930's Sweetheart Overalls from Decades of Style, I knew I wanted me some pink overalls.
 So...I wish I could remember more about the pattern and the construction details, but I did the bulk of the work for these overalls in my next-to-last house, so there isn't much to tell.  The pattern went together more or less smoothly, though I had to make adjustments for the fact that I am not as busty as any of these patterns seem to think I am. 

The overalls are made out of pink leno weave linen.  The original plan was to line them with pink silk habotai, but when I started playing around with the fabric, I realized that this was a bad idea-- I'd be able to see the seam allowances through the open weave of the fabric, and the pink silk habotai wasn't opaque enough for lining.  So, I underlined the linen with the pink silk habotai, and lined the overalls with black silk habotai.

Handling the fabric was the most difficult part of the process.  Since the linen has a sort of check weave, I had to match the weave pattern across the seams.  It was hard to underline the linen with the habotai without the habotai shifting around too much.  And it was generally a big time sink to work with three layers of fabric.  In the end, I think I did a really good job matching the print, though.
I finished almost all of the sewing, but then the overalls languished in my unfinished projects pile for a long time because I couldn't find buttons I was happy with, and I wasn't sure how well the habotai and open-weave linen would hold up to buttonholes which were obviously going to be under a lot of stress.  Eventually, the answer dawned on me-- SNAPS!!!

I'm really happy with the way the overalls turned out.  They're light and breezy in the summer months, but the three layers of fabric still hold heat pretty well in the cold air conditioning.  Plus, who doesn't love pink overalls? 
I'm also pretty happy with the fact that I found matching cowboy boots!
I had so much fun with this photo shoot, guys...
I mean, just, really a lot of fun.

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